Sunday, October 4th
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A Key Question for Successful Speeddating

Successful daters are those who don't need to date anymore. They found their soul mate, married and are now in a relationship which is growing stronger, more supportive and loving over time. Statistics show that over 25% of married couples in the USA find and build this type of relationship. If you want to be in this category, we recommend that when you are dating, don't ask yourself: can this person give me what I need, ask instead (or in addition): can I see myself wanting to give to this person for the rest of my life? Do I see in this person such a vista of potential that I want to invest in him or her?

Step back, observe and consider: Does this person have the character, values and goals that will foster a desire in me to help him (or her)?

A focus on giving (healthy giving without an agenda, neediness or negativity) fosters feelings of connection and love. This binds people together in such a way that even challenges will bring them closer together.

So can you find this out in the first 7 minutes? Unlikely. But give this question a try - the next time you sit physically or electronically across from a date, ask yourself: is there any possibility I would enjoy giving to this person? And if the answer is yes - go on another date. Who knows, this could be the start of an eternal connection.


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